Sunday, April 12, 2009

Everett's 1st Easter!

As a parent I'm learning that holidays hold a whole new meaning. Everett's 2nd holiday was Easter. We celebrated it by giving his mom a card, a gift, and some candy. He also got a new outfit. He doesn't understand anything about anything right now (duh, he's only 6 weeks old), but it got me wondering how I'm going to make each holiday with him special. I want him to understand the true meaning of each one. Church was the highlight of our day today, we got him to service and he had a great nap. I pray that as he gets older he understands that although the candy is good and the bunny is cute, it's Christ's Resurrection that deserves the celebration. This is just one more responsibility I'm realizing that I have. One I greatly accept. I can't wait to balance and explain Christmas. lol. If your wondering if he got to hunt Easter eggs, remember he's only 6 weeks old. Maybe next year (or two). Have a great Easter and enjoy it with your family, I am!