Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Odds Were Against Me

In the 86 miles (round trip) I drive to work each day, I see a lot of things. One thing I see way to much of is car accidents. In the estimated 25,000 miles I have driven in the last year or so (to and from work), I have been lucky to stay out of them. However, today my 1 in 25,000 odds were against me. It was my turn on a dark, rainy morning in McKinney, Texas. That's right, this morning on my regular commute to work, I locked up my breaks (after the cars in front of me slammed on theirs) and slid on the wet road into a Nissan Pathfinder. Good news...No one was hurt. I was in the car by myself and the lady in front of me was by herself. We were both able to drive our cars off of the freeway and into a parking lot where we were safe. My car took the brunt of the impact and is currently at a collision center. I'm hoping that it can be repaired and we will be reunited once again - my good friend. At the end of the day, it is just a car and the important thing is that everyone is safe (well that and I carry maximum coverage). So tomorrow drive safely, you never know when an orange construction barrel will jump out onto 1 lane of a 2 lane road. This could lead to an accident. So, be on the look out and be careful.