Thursday, February 26, 2009

You miss me?

Ok, Ok, I know....I slipped off of the blog writing radar. I've still been reading them. Since my last post I have done nothing but mourn the loss of the Super Bowl. Not really, I got over it pretty quick. Life did not allow me to get to hung up on it. I have no real excuses other than my brain has had no creative blogging thoughts and I've been a bit busy. Work, school, life and oh yeah...a baby coming. One good thing for you readers out there (all two of you) in about 5 days I will have a whole new arsenal of blogging material..."Life as a Father". I know what you are thinking, "Scary!!!". Need not to be. I have not read any books, I have watched a video or two, I attended two classes at the hospital, I went to the pediatrician visit, and made most (not all) of Lisa's dr. appointments and I was once a baby - what is there to know. (before you come at me, I'm being quite sarcastic). Good for all of us is that Lisa has read the books, talked to people, been in delivery rooms, changed a diaper or two (yep, forgot to mention that, Everett's will be my first!!) I will not say I am nervous, but more excited. Excited to take on a responsibility bigger than me. Excited to adjust priorities. Excited to see Lisa as a mother. Excited to share this life with another. I'm excited to go on a father son campout, excited to watch sports together. The list can go on.... I know I will mess up sometimes, I know I will not always have the answers. But one thing I do know is that I will do my very best to be the Father and Husband that my family needs. And excited to give you more blog content to read.

Thanks for allowing me to say things I don't always take the time to express. You will be the first (well, I mean besides my family and close friends) to know when little Everett joins us!

Man, it's good to be back on the blog scene!!




the rains family said...

aw... i do miss you! but not just in blogger terms - we miss you guys. do you think we can try to see you this weekend, before "the big day?" we want to know when he makes his debut! can't wait to come hug and kiss on him - and don't worry... there is a LOT that changes with a baby, but jason and i have every confidence that you will be an amazing father. it's going to be so fun to watch y'all parent. you'll be such fun parents, too, i'm sure of it... emma tells me so all the time! :)

Katie said...

aw i am SO excited for yall!!! yall are going to be awesome parents. i cannot wait to meet my new teeny tiny nephew!! by the way... reillys diaper change was my first one as well ;) (i called the nurse in to come im a pro now!! :)

Jen said...

I am so stinkin excited! I can't wait till you guys are parents! I can't wait to see how you guys were able to put the genes together!! I just pray he can live up to the Burgess/Yee awesomeness!!!
Ps being a parent is AWESOME!!!!

Alison said...

I can't wait to hear your "Father Knows Best" stories! I know you will be a great dad, and can't wait to see you grow into it. And you're right - your personal experience of being a baby will be all you need!

Lisa said...

Awwww babe! i love you. You are going to rock as a dad. Even my clients think so just from the stories that they hear about you. Don't worry about the diaper thing. After the tar black diapers you really will be a pro. Also, just because I read the books doesn't mean squat. I can't remember half of the stuff I read. We will be on the same playing field! Scared to death and clueless! JK. It will be great. I can't wait til Tuesday!!!! Except for the whole pain thing!