Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tahoe, Day 2

What a great day! We woke up a bit later than yesterday, ate Corn Pops in bed, then hung out watching tv for an hour or so. Once we got around we left the condo knowing that we were going to visit the castle that we saw yesterday. I wanted some coffee and kept telling Lisa that I didn't want Starbucks but I wanted to try one of the local shops that we kept seeing. Well all I could find when I was looking was a Starbucks, I almost gave in until Lisa talked me out of it. We were still searching for a great local shop. We turned onto 89 (the road to the castle) and came across a great little shop called Aspina. We walked in and knew we were in a local's hang out. Everyone in the place was on a laptop, hanging out. There was a cool little patio area surrounded by pine trees, this is where Lisa and I enjoyed our joe (coffee). We had also bought some sandwiches for lunch and had plans to eat them as a picnic. We got to the area where we were to hike from in order to get to the castle. Lisa found a PERFECT place for us to eat lunch. We had a great view and were all by ourselves. Well us and the little bird that Lisa kept feeding chips to. It was pretty cool how close the bird came to us. After lunch we took a 1 mile hike down to the castle. The hike down was great, the air was cool and the conversation was good. We saw the castle, you will not hear much more about it because, well quite frankly there is not much to say about it. Then came time for the hike back up. Ok, right its only 1 mile, but its enough to remind us about how out of shape we are. In our defense it is higher elevation than we are used to and it was hot. After that we were back to the condo to get ready for our evening out on the water. For Lisa's birthday, which is tomorrow, we went out on a dinner cruise around the lake. Dinner included lobster tails, chicken, and fillet mignon. It was a beautiful night and I had the best looking date. Don't tell my wife. We met a couple (twice our age) and had fun visiting with them. Once dinner was over it was off to Starbucks for an evening coffee. Then back to the condo. I've decided that we are the old people in Tahoe. I mean how many other people are in Tahoe and back to their room by 8pm every night. Probably only us. Now its time to chill and watch some Olympics. Who knows I may even read some more of my book. Not quite sure what we have planned for tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be fun. Until tomorrow, take care.
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the rains family said...

james & lisa! this trip sounds AMAZING! enjoy the rest of it... i'm so jealous!

Jen said...

Glad you guys are having an awesome, relaxing time~!I am so jealous of the hike! I bet it was beautiful!!!

Lisa said...

That hike was beautiful, but tough! I did have fun on our picnic though.