Sunday, January 18, 2009


The critics said NO, but YES THEY DID!!! The Arizona Cardinals are on their way to the Super Bowl in Tampa, FL, on FEB. 1st, 2009!!

Today's game was very exciting in the 1st half when the Cardinals were annihilating the Philadelphia Eagles. Then the 2nd half was a bit more challenging. The Eagles came back and had the lead going into the 4th Quarter. Being the Championship caliber team, that the Cardinals are, they stepped up big and pulled out the WIN (32-25)!! They are the 2008 NFC CHAMPIONS!!

One of the biggest STUDS of the game was Larry Fitzgerald. He had 3, count them 3, TD receptions!! No one is better!
Now the mission is to "SHOCK THE WORLD" and WIN THE SUPER BOWL.

Bring on the Steelers!!!!


Sherry Turner said...

Congrats James! We are excited and rooting for the Cardinals just for you!!!

Lisa said...

Yes We Can!! At least I hope!

David Yee said...

all i can say is "woot-woot"

Chad Turner said...

How many blogs can we get about the Cardinals? Who am I kidding, if the Cowboys were going to the superbowl I would have this many too!!!