Monday, January 5, 2009

Cards WIN!!!

The Cardinals finished the regular season at 9-7. They clinched the NFC West Division Championship putting them into the playoffs. Then, last night they won their first round playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons. Well done! This is a step in the right direction. This week they have two challenges: 1) They need to get some respect from the national media...the Cards played a hard game and won. Give them some props. 2) They need to forget about their win and move on to getting ready for their game on Saturday against the Carolina Panthers.

This is a game they can win, I hope they believe this. So go ahead and cancel everything you are doing on Saturday and cheer on the "Future Superbowl Champions" (to early? ok) Arizona Cardinals!!




Lisa said...

Hahaha I will root for them with you babe!

David Yee said...

that catch by fitz was rediculous

Anonymous said...

They are officially my team of the 2008 playoffs.