Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Everett Andrew Burgess

Polo Baby

Everett is Home and is AMAZING!!!

Life will never be the same and I am A-O-K with that! He is an awesome gift that I have willingly accepted and will never give back.


Lisa said...

I'm glad you don't want to return him because I think I lost the receipt!

the rains family said...

this is the sweetest picture ever! i think i have one almost identical of emma kate. they grow SO fast!!!

so, when do y'all want to do birth announcements? i think this looks like a good picture for it! :)

Alison said...

He's so freaking adorable! Oh yeah - nice outfit. :) It's sad when a newborn is dressed better than all the rest of us. Good job, James.

Jen said...

not sure if I have told you this but I am excited to meet my nephew! these last few days I have been so depressed that I can't see him, it's amazing I even want to get out of bed! ok so maybe the last part I made up.... but I am really anxious to give him the "Burgess twin squeeze"!! He will just love me I know it!!! keep showing him my picture!! :)