Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Top 10

Here is my Top 10 list for the year 2008:

10. Only gained a couple .lbs. (trying to lose them).
9. Developed the likeness for the the Bow Tie
8. Started and have kept up with (sort of) a Blog.
7. Started a new job. (if I hadn't I may be out of one now)
6. Got to see the Arizona Cardinals clinch a Playoff birth!!
5. Discovered the beauty of Lake Tahoe
4. Finally made the call to hook up HD/DVR (unfortunately, we will not get to enjoy this until 2009. But I MADE THE CALL).
3. Stayed healthy.
2. Celebrated my 8th Wedding Anniversary.
1. Knocked up my wife. We are having a BABY!!!

Ok, so maybe this list isn't complete and maybe it's not truly my top 10. But I am still going to be a dad. Just wait for the 2009 Top 10 list. I'm sure there will be many interesting items listed. You will have to wait 365 days to find out!




Lisa said...

NICE!!!.... I don't know what else to say. I'm speechless.

All I know is I made the top 2!!!!!!!(which is my number 1 for the year)

Jen said...

if you ever say you "knocked" up your wife again I am gonna slap you!! I hate that word!!! lol

JB said...

I made my wife "with child". My bad.

David Yee said...

10. Wait until after March to start...
9. you know you've always liked the bowtie
8. nu-uh - what's the link?
7. good for you.
6. Saturday Baby!
5. Kinda jealous about this one
4. I should do that.
3. How does thid coincide with #10?
2. newlysed
1. "Knocked up" was a lame movie