Friday, December 5, 2008

Help the World

I've been meaning to blog about this for a little while and finally have the opportunity.  Lately I have been compelled to think more charitable.  I am living a blessed life and do not go without, partly because of the country I was born into.  While working the other day, a lady was sharing her feelings to me on the topic of charities and donations.  She told me how she cannot understand why everyone chooses to donate to countries other than the United States.  She doesn't understand sending food or clothing to Africa, Ethiopia, Argentine (may not be the specific countries she is talking about you get the point), when there are children and families in America who need food, clothing, $$.  I see her point and understand that this is a need "at home".  But I also feel that in America we have the means and organizations set up to help these people; churches, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Goodwill, private citizens, etc.  These third world countries do not have this structure of organizations, nor do most of them have the means.  I know we can help our fellow Americans, but why can't we help those overseas as well.  In America to buy a meal for someone it may cost $5-$8.  For $10 one can feed 25 people a meal in the above mentioned countries.  I'm not saying don't help people "at home" but by all means why can't we think GLOBAL?  There are so many organizations where we can spend $30 a month and support a child's nutrition, clothing, and education (things that we take for granted every day).  I understand that in this economic climate, $30 may sound like a lot, but think of what you would have to give up versus what they will gain.  Example: a dinner at Chili's every month, could feed and educate a child.  Doesn't seem like that high of a price.  So what if you have to eat a grilled cheese that you had to cook off of your electric stove that you have the smarts to work, in your warm house?  (did I go to far?).  Anyways, I had to bite my tongue when she was talking to me, so now you get to read what I wanted to say.  Also, this time of year, take a look around to see what you can do to help people here or overseas.  Thanks for allowing me to get this off of my heart.
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Lisa said...

I am with ya babe! I would have asked that lady why she thought that the life of an American child is more important than the life of a child in another country. It doesn't matter where they live. If they are in need like we know they are then we should help them. I also think it's amazing how far $10 can go in another country versus here. Feeding 25 people for $10 is unbelievable!!! It really is not much at all.

Jen said...

I agree with you! I can't tell you how weird it is that by helping our child Roman our family has been blessed. Here we are supposed to be providing for her and while doing it we are learning a lot and gaining a friendship with a young girl who may live far far away but in the end we are all worshipping the same God. America or not!!! And that was the same thing that hit meal of going out to eat and Roman is set for a month! How about the fact that they only wanted you to send $18 for her Christmas gift! Americans would freak if their Christmas gifts only totaled $18!!!