Thursday, December 11, 2008

Playoffs Baby!!!

Ok, so I know that there are a few weeks left in the NFL season. However, as a Cardinals fan, I get to celebrate a bit early. Can you say NFC WEST CHAMPIONS?? try feels so good. Yes I know that the first two words are 'NFC WEST' aka: weak division. But Champions none the less. What does this mean? Well... 4 things.

1) The Cardinals will host their 1st ever playoff game since they have been in AZ.
2) Cardinals fans are in new territory...we can actually root for our team in the playoffs.
3) Kurt Warner could win his 3rd MVP award
4) The Cardinals just gained an entirely new fan base (all of the Cowboys Fans who don't want any of the other teams to win, assuming the boys don't make it...i know big assumption).

3 more regular season games and then it is on to the Playoffs!!!!
Please excuse my early excitement. I now know what it feels like to cheer for a football team that will play at least 1 more game. Even better news...I will get to watch it in HD (assuming it will be on in Dallas), that's right I finally made the call...HD/DVR in the Burgess house!!! (I'm finally getting into this new millennium stuff).

Please do us all a favor. If your team is not making the playoffs...cheer for the Red Bird!!


Lisa said...

YEAH!!!! Well I am excited about the HD DVR thing. Not the Cardinals thing because I don't care about football, but I will root for them with ya! GO CARDINALS!!!!

taylor said...


Jen said...

just move out here where all the Cardinal fans are!! then you won't have to worry about whether it is on TV

David Yee said...

wear your cardinals swag with pride because your team will be in and after this weekend, the cowboys will not.

Chad Turner said...

I will root for the cardinals, since I don't think the boys are going to get in.

Alison said...

Turner! I am so disappointed. You don't start rooting for the other team until yours is officially out of the running. Don't even hint about it!

Even then...I probably won't root for anybody. But that's just me.