Thursday, April 24, 2008

Netflix...What's up??

So just about the greatest thing was invented a few years ago...movies delivered to my house! That is awesome, I never have to ask what Lisa wants to watch because we just watch what had been delivered that day. Just load movies onto our queue and find them in our mailbox. So easy and reasonably priced. When I first signed up people asked me how our service was, saying that they had experienced poor delivery. For the first few months we used them service was great, I get three movies, I watch them, I mail them back and in about 2 days I have three new movies. Now things have changed a bit. I may get a movie then watch it, mail it back and may get another one, maybe. Not quite sure what is up with them. I guess maybe they feel that they have us locked in and there is no need to make us feel like we are getting our money worth. Well, I would love to say that I think Netflix is as great now as it was when we first signed up...but it's not. If anyone from Netflix is reading this, Can you send me some movies to watch? I actually now have to watch movies that I already own.
Is anyone else having this issue? How is Blockbuster online?


Jen said...

can't say.... you know me I simply fall asleep during them!!

Don & Denise Sullivan said...

We have Netflix too. Sometimes they're speedy, sometimes not. Mostly not. At first we had awesome service too, then they slacked off. We still get our movies though and it's nice not to make a trip to Blockbuster every time.

McKillip Family said...

We only had netflix for about 3 months and then cancelled it. The service was great though. We mailed it back on Mon and had a new dvd on Wed. I've heard though if you use their service alot they "flag" your acct and send them slower. That's what someone told me don't know how true it is.

Amy said...

I've heard of a few friends that used them (and a few other online places), but had their identities stolen... Not sure that it had anything to do with Netflix, but i was a common thread b/t them.

I know I wouldn't have time to watch movies--maybe later in life...LOL. I've got years of moviess to catch up on! :)