Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Summer has arrived, bring on the water bill!

It’s officially summer; we have had 3 consecutive days over 85 degrees. You know what that means…right, put your sweaters away and pull out your shorts. Also it means that I have to mow once a week, again. Not only that but I have to water my yard (with a oscillating sprinkler). Yep, I’m too cheap to install a sprinkler system…although, this is the year! (maybe). Here’s the thing, when we first got our house about 5 years ago, I truly enjoyed mowing and yard work. Now…not so much. I remember growing up in PHX where our yard was, how do I put this…desert. I don’t remember watering and I can count the times I mowed it, on one hand. Anyways, like I was saying…Summer has arrived. If anyone wants to mow my yard, you are more than welcome. Just make sure you bag the clippings.


Lisa said...

None of this maybe crap! We are doing it. Preferably this week!

Jen said...

uh yah, that's David's job. seeing as I have never turned a mower on in my life, I am not gonna be much help! sorry! oh yah and the 2 states over could be a problem too!