Saturday, April 19, 2008

Suns vs. Spurs...need I say more??

The 2008 NBA Playoffs officially began today. When round one was set there was one matchup that I did not want to hear. You guessed it, SUNS vs. Spurs. Who wants to play the Spurs in the first round?? Yikes. Anyways, today the Suns got their chance to take a jump on the series by winning game 1. From the get go, it looked really good for them. They were up the entire game until the end of the 4th quarter when the Spurs tied it up to go into overtime. Then in overtime the Suns had a chance to win until the unlikeliest thing happened...the boring Tim Duncan hit his 1st, I repeat 1st 3-pointer of the year, to send the game into double overtime. I was on the edge of my seat. In the 2nd OT, the Suns just could not get it done allowing the Spurs to take a 1-0 lead in the series (117-115). I have my bracket set and I predict that this series will go 7 games with the Suns winning and ultimately brining the NBA National Championship to the Desert!! If you want to read more about this game go to . It's ok, the Suns have the next game!!! Make sure you watch on Tuesday and root on the Purple and Orange!


PS. The Mavs also lost. (104-92)


David Yee said...

Suns over spurs in 6
NO over Dal in 5
LA over Den in 5
UTH over HOU in 7

PHX over LA in 7
UTH over NO in 6

PHX over UTH in 7

BOS in 4
DET in 4
ORL in 4
CLE in 5

Bos over CLE in 5
DET over ORL in 4

DET over BOS in 7

PHX over DET in 6

call me a homer...

PS. Nash's 3 at the end was simply amazing, too bad we couldn't put a body on ginoboli

JB said...

I have the Suns playing Boston in the Finals.

Alison said...

I just hope the Suns and Spurs go 7 long games with lots of overtime! Wear them out!

Hopefully the Mavs will forget about game 1 and then take care of winning the series. (unlike last year's tragedy).

If not - GO UTAH!!!!!!!