Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thunder Dan is Back!

Today I was soooooo excited when I opened up my weekly Phoenix Suns e-newsletter to see the headline: "Majerle Added to Roster". You can only imagine how stoked I was. #9 back in a Suns jersey and on the court...could it get any better? (For those of you that didn't know me growing up, Dan Majerle was my favorite basketball player, an average looking white guy that could shoot the 3-pointer!!) Back to the article...I read the intro then clicked the 'read more' link. Yep you guessed it, APRIL FOOLS!. What????? I am all for practical jokes, but that was just plain mean! Oh well, the Suns will just have to win it without him. Anyways, now to the subject at hand...April Fools day. I love jokes, but I hate going throughout a day looking over my shoulder and not trusting anything that is said to me. Thank goodness it only comes once a year and thank goodness that was the worst joke played on me. (next posting, Petition to end April Fools Day, kidding!)

Do you have any good stories from your April Fools Day?



Lisa said...

My poor gullible husband. Good thing that I didn't play the joke on you that I had planned on playing. :)

Anonymous said...

FYI, I have some family from the Phoenix area. I grew up a Rockets and Suns fan. I even remember back with Tom Chambers played and Kevin Johnson. But you know I knew who Dan Majerle was. I also liked him a ton. He was easily top3 favoriteds during that time.

mommyof2boysjy said...

Hahaha way more fun than my April Fools joke! I am a Punk!!!

JB said...

You are not a punk...but jsut another reason why I am not a fan of this day. lol

Amy said...

So I got sucked into the one that Yahoo sent out about gmail being able to send emails in the past. They said it was great when you forgot something...like we just did earlier in March when we forgot my MIL's birthday!! Yep, just another cruel joke... :)

PS- and I was excited about Dan as I was reading your post... wouldn't that be great?

James said...


I liked Dan the man as well. He could really stroke the 3. Those were some fun Phoenix teams, with KJ and Barkley.

Glad to see you blogging, my friend.