Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why do cars park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?

Traffic has become my least favorite pastime, but a necessary one. I spend at least 10-15 hours a week staring out my front windshield. Good times, right? The thing is that I have almost become numb to the morning and evening commute. I know that I have to do it so I just go with the flow. I know that there is a chance I will get home in 45 minutes and I know there is a chance it can take me 2 hours. It all depends on how many accidents I come across on the way. I’m going to confess something, don’t tell my mom (or wife) but sometimes once I get to work or home, I don’t really remember the drive. Not that I wasn’t paying attention, but I am almost on autopilot. I relate this to the way some of us go through life. We keep on the same path and often times are so focused on getting there that we don’t enjoy the ride (I’m working on this). For my birthday I got one of my new favorite toys…an FM modulator for my Ipod. This has enhanced my drive so much; I can listen to my favorite music or my favorite podcasts, allowing me to turn monotony into entertaining monotony. I now look forward to my drive…home that is. So if you take anything away from this, take these three things. 1 – If you have to make a journey at least enjoy ride. 2 – Go get an FM modulator for your Ipod, makes a world of difference. 3 - If you don’t want your wife or mother to find out something, don’t write it in your blog. Oops!

Enjoy your day and drive safely...I’m not a fan of sitting behind accidents.


Lisa said...

I am sorry that you have to drive that much. More than that I am sorry that we have to pay for the gas for you to drive that much. I am glad that you have a new Ipod toy to keep you awake for the drive. As long as you are not watching movies while you drive. I agree with what you say about enjoying the ride of life and not just plowing through it to get where we are going. However, sometimes the path to our destination is like a boring drive without an FM modulator. In those cases it's ok to put it on auto pilot and just get through it. As far as your commute goes drive safe and stay awake!!

Sherry Turner said...

Man, do I know what you mean or what?!?! It is SO much better with a carpooling buddy. You should get one! OR...I could drop you off at 635 & 75 and let you walk the rest of the way! You know...get a little exercise in! No, really, I sympathize with you completely. I know that drive better than anyone and I also know that feeling of not remembering the drive when it is over. I have had that happen all too many times. It even happens to me still when I am driving by myself where I get my car in Allen to Anna. I think we just get so used to it that we stop paying as close attention. You can always call me if you ever get sleepy or bored. You know I am probably sitting in the same traffic!!! And any time you guys want to pick up my gas bill, you are more than welcome!!! Wake up!!!

Chad Turner said...

I used to think I was the only one who forgot about the drive I just took. It used to happen to me a lot and it still does. How can we possibly drive somewhere and not even remember the simple turns, lane changes, exits, etc.

Alison said...

In all of my days making that trip on 75, (I did it for about a year) I probably forgot about 75% of my time. I remember thinking looking up to see an exit and have no clue that I had passed the other ones! No wonder there are so many wrecks! It didn't help that I was driving in the morning - I'm not even close to coherent before about 10am.

Random FYI to Lisa - if you want some vball trashtalk - head over to my blog for a minute!

mommyof2boysjy said...

Glad to see I have finally bought you something of any worth!! Yah baby!!! I got all warm and tingly every time I read the words FM modulator!! ahhhh
ok well if you would move back to Phoenix I would make sure you didn't have to drive in the horrible traffic! then your worries would be over! and just think.... your "life" would no longer be on auto-pilot! you would be enjoying it with your favorite people!! woot woot!!

ok well it is 1 in the morning here so I know I am rambling on......
ok nite!